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China Railway 19th Bureau Joins Hands with Huawei to Write a New Era of Intelligent Unmanned Driving in Open Pit Mines

Article source: Upload time:2024-05-17

On May 16th, the 18th Ordos International Coal and Energy Industry Expo was held at the National Sports Center in Dongsheng District, Ordos, Inner Mongolia. At the main forum of the exhibition, China Railway 19th Bureau and Huawei's unmanned operation solution for open-pit mines were officially released.

Li Huawei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Railway 19th Bureau, Zhang Defeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Railway 19th Bureau Mining Company, Li Fenglong, General Manager, Han Shuo, Vice President and CEO of Huawei Mining Corps, Chen Yinxu, President of Integrated Services and Delivery Operations of Huawei Mining Corps, and Zhang Yude, General Manager of Huawei Inner Mongolia Government and Enterprise Business, attended the release ceremony.

Both sides jointly announced the launch of comprehensive strategic cooperation, relying on their complementary advantages, to jointly carry out comprehensive cooperation on digital transformation consulting, information technology infrastructure construction, artificial intelligence in mining applications (unmanned mining, intelligent operation of mining stripping, intelligent beneficiation, etc.), digital capacity construction, and digital talent cultivation, and work together to promote global mining intelligence construction.

It is reported that China Railway 19th Bureau Mining Company was established in 2010. It is a specialized engineering company in China Railway Construction System, with mining construction as its main business. It is currently a leading enterprise in the construction of open-pit mines in China, covering the entire field of mining construction. Has successively won the titles of "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", "Top 10 Mining Construction Enterprises in China", and "Best Service Provider in China's Gold Industry".

Huawei is a leading global technology enterprise with over 30 years of experience and accumulation in information technology research and development. In early 2021, Huawei established the "Mining Corps" to connect the "research, operation, sales, service, and ecology" teams, efficiently collaborate, shorten the industrial chain, find technology for the industry, and accelerate industry intelligence.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will fully leverage their respective advantages to carry out joint technological innovation, create unmanned mining driving solutions, and promote them on a large scale. Huawei provides algorithms for autonomous driving on the vehicle end, cloud control platforms (fleet management and scheduling, high-precision maps, autonomous driving supervision systems, etc.), etc. By combining the production and operation capabilities of China Railway 19th Bureau in mines, unmanned mining and transportation scenarios can be achieved, improving mine production safety and achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

At the same time, both sides will jointly create unmanned mining model points, explore the use of unmanned driving solutions for open-pit mining operations, enhance competitive brands in the industry, and jointly promote the popularization and application of unmanned driving in the mining industry.

In the field of artificial intelligence, both parties are conducting comprehensive collaborative research to apply artificial intelligence to the entire process of penetration, blasting, mining, transportation, and disposal in open-pit mining. For example, in the stripping and mining processes, research is being conducted on the use of artificial intelligence for automated control and monitoring of excavators, achieving unmanned mining and improving efficiency and safety; Research on unmanned transportation and automatic unloading of unmanned mining trucks in the transportation and unloading process, in order to achieve the full process of unmanned open-pit mining.

In addition, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in cloud technology fields such as data centers, virtualization and private clouds, as well as information technology infrastructure fields such as wide area networks, multi branch Internet networks, smart park networks, super integrated data center networks, and network security.

Li Huawei emphasized: "Currently, China is facing the acceleration of the development of new quality productive forces, and various industries are accelerating their transformation from" Internet of Things "to" Internet of Things "," Digital Internet ", and" Intelligent Internet ".". Accelerating digital and intelligent transformation is a new mission entrusted to all industries in the new era. This strong alliance with Huawei not only helps promote the high-quality development process of the enterprise, but also will have a profound impact on the development of the industry.

Chen Yinxu stated that Huawei has always adhered to the original intention of "finding technology for the industry", responded to customer needs and solved various pain points in the industry through open assistance and active cooperation with partners, and brought digital technology into every mine to achieve "safe, unmanned, green and efficient" production.