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Exciting and extraordinary experience! Liugong Wheel Excavation Experience Week

Article source: Upload time:2024-05-16

Recently, during the summer season, the "Wonderful Wheel" LiuGong Wheel Excavator Customer Experience Conference was held at LiuGong's Changzhou East Base. Senior customers and construction machinery enthusiasts from the wheel excavation industry have witnessed and experienced the latest achievements of Liugong in the field of wheel excavation.

On site visits to intelligent production lines

At the site of the intelligent production line at LiuGong's eastern base, customers witnessed firsthand the automation, digitization, intelligence, and intelligent management of the intelligent factory production line and equipment. The robotic arms on the automated assembly line carried out welding, assembly, and other work in an orderly manner. Unmanned AGV cars shuttle between the warehouse and the production line, and the data screen integrated displays various production data, showing the entire process data from a structural component to assembly completion and logistics delivery to customers.

Test Drive

Subsequently, the group moved to the product experience area and, through a series of practical experiences, technical exchanges, and on-site demonstrations, fully demonstrated the significant advantages of Liugong wheeled excavators in flexibility, operational efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection, as well as how to create greater value for users.

The climax part is undoubtedly the test drive experience. Under the guidance of professional technical personnel, the customers personally took action and operated a series of operations on these three wheel excavators.

The flexibility of 906FW, the powerful operational capability of 9075FW, and the outstanding performance of W915E's reliability and durability have all left a deep impression on the experience. Many people expressed after test driving that these products fully met or even exceeded their expectations.

This in-depth experience activity showcases the charm of the round digging, not only allowing for a more direct listening to the market's voice, continuous optimization of products and services, but also better meeting customer needs. This two-way communication mechanism not only enhances customer participation and satisfaction, but also serves as an important way for LiuGong to continuously enhance product competitiveness and promote industry progress.

It is reported that the experience event will last for a week, and more customers and guests will participate in this experience event in the future. They will work together with Liugong to write a new chapter in the rotary mining industry!